Friday’s Thought’s

I made it through week one.  My classes don’t seem like they are going to be too difficult (I may have to retract that statement later in the semester though, but we’ll see).  I turned in my graduation application to the dean’s office today…HOOORAAY!!!  I feel like “Baby-steps” to graduation but I want to be like “Go-go gadget” graduation.

Next Step...Cap & Gown.

Next Step…Cap & Gown.

I really don’t have much to say on today’s blog, but since I did not post yesterday I had to make sure I posted something today.  Oh, wait I had something like an epiphany yesterday (well maybe not an epiphany, but you know what I mean).  As I progress towards graduation, it’s time to step up the wardrobe game.  From this moment on I pledge to limit my college hoodies and flip-flops to only weekend errand runs.

What not to wear to class...well only on Friday's. ;)

What not to wear to class…well only on Friday’s. 😉

Word of the day: Professionalism

If you want to be the best, you must dress for success!!!

That’s all for now!! Good night!!!

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